From kids in junior school to senior executives in multinational corporate companies – almost every person is urged and encouraged to get a life coach. With people paying anything from R250 p/hour to R1000 p/hour and more, one may well ask, “What’s the deal with a life coach?”

A life coach is a person who ‘coaches’ their clients to progress in life. First, the coach helps the client to identify the goals that he wishes to achieve. Thereafter, the coach will help him to identify the obstacles that stand between him and achieving his goals. Finally, the coach will assist him to work out a way to overcome those obstacles, will remain in regular contact with him to monitor his progress and offer additional advice and support, and will continue to motivate and encourage him.

Hence, it can aptly be said that a life coach gives a person direction in life. However, the direction is always aimed at fulfilling the wants and desires of the client, such as being more productive in the workplace, losing weight, building confidence, etc. In essence, a life coach focuses on the goals in this life.

As Muslims, we firmly believe that the ‘main goal’ is neither this life nor achieving what we want – it is the Afterlife and conforming to what ALLAH TA‘ALA wants. Accordingly, the primary goals that we strive for in life should revolve around our progress and prosperity as far as the After-life is concerned, and for this, we need an After-life coach.

The After-life coaches are the senior, experienced and pious ‘Ulama. Through referring to them and explaining our challenges and weaknesses to them, they will assist us to overcome our challenges and conquer our weaknesses. Through listening to their advices and talks and reading their writings, we remain motivated and encouraged. In short, they give us direction to the gates of Jannah and the pleasure of Allah Ta‘ala.

An After-life coach is a representative of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) and wants the best for you just as he wants the best for himself. If you falter and stumble on the road to Jannah, he will feel your pain and his heart will be filled with concern. Hence, he does not charge anything, as he does it for Allah Ta‘ala, and when he raises his hands in supplication, he not only makes du‘aa for himself but remembers to make du‘aa for you as well.

If a person has already achieved his goals in life, or if he has no goals and is content to continue life as is, he will not perceive the need for a life coach. Hence, life coaches are not a necessity. However, every single Muslim needs an After-life coach. The reason is obvious – we are, at every moment, treading the path to JannahWe require constant guidance, so that we do not stumble and slip into the traps of Shaitaan who awaits us in ambush. Similarly, we need constant encouragement so that we do not falter. If we fail in this journey, we will fail to reach Jannah safely – and this is a failure that no person can tolerate. 

May Allah Ta‘ala bless us all to refer to the correct After-life coaches and continue benefiting from them, aameen.

Note: In the case where a woman refers to an ‘Aalim, the highest levels of hayaa must be upheld and the laws of purdah must be maintained.