Ask our children:

1. Who gives us everything that we have and enjoy?

2. If we want something, who should we ask?

Now tell them the story:

Ahmad was a boy who loved to eat donuts. Every Friday, as his father was leaving for work, Ahmad would run behind him and remind him, “Abba! Please don’t forget that it’s Friday today! Today’s donut day!”

Before coming home from work every Friday, Ahmad’s father would stop at the bakery and buy some fresh, hot donuts for Ahmad. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside… dripping with melted chocolate… filled with fresh cream… Ahmad just couldn’t wait! As soon as ‘Asr Salaah was over, Ahmad would keep running to the door, waiting for his father to arrive with his tasty donuts.

One Friday morning, Ahmad’s mother said to him, “Ahmad, why don’t you ask Allah Ta‘ala for donuts today? Come, let us raise our hands and make du‘aa!” Ahmad asked his mother, “But why? Abba brings the donuts every week! Why must I make du‘aa?”

His mother explained, “Actually, it’s Allah Ta‘ala who gives us everything, not Abba. That is why you must always ask Allah Ta‘ala.” Ahmad and his Ummi then lifted their hands and made du‘aa, “O Allah! Please send us yummy donuts today!”

That evening, Ahmad eagerly stood at the front door, waiting for his father to bring the donuts. When his father entered, he didn’t have any donuts with him at all! “Sorry my darling!” he said. “I was late and the bakery was already closed!” Ahmad was sad and disappointed. How he had waited for the donuts!

Just then, Ahmad’s uncle arrived. As he drove up the driveway, he opened his car window and called out, “Ahmad! Come and see what I brought for you!” Ahmad ran to the car and looked in the window and saw… DONUTS! He was overjoyed and ran to give his mother the good news that the donuts had come.

As they ate the donuts, his mother said to him, “When you want something, you must make du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala. Because you made du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala, Allah Ta‘ala sent the donuts especially for you with your uncle, even though Abba couldn’t get the donuts.”

Ahmad now understood that it was actually Allah Ta‘ala who always gave him everything. Sometimes, Allah Ta‘ala sent things to him with his Ummi, sometimes with his Abba, and sometimes with other people, but it was only Allah Ta‘ala who gave him everything. From that day on, Ahmad decided that he was always going to make du‘aa and ask Allah Ta‘ala when he needed anything.


1. We must always make du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala and ask Him for whatever we need and want.

2. Allah Ta‘ala alone gives us everything that we have and enjoy.

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