There is a well-known principle in life which states, “There is a time and place for everything”When correct time and place are not taken into consideration, an experience that would have otherwise been extremely enjoyable becomes disappointing and a pain to endure.

To understand this in perspective, take the example of a platter of steaming hot, delicious food. The aroma of this gastronomic delight wafts through the air and it’s so tantalizing that people involuntary begin to lick their lips. As appetizing as the platter may be, however, if it is placed in the cubicle of a public toilet, people will refuse to even give it a second glance. This is simply because it was not in the correct place.

On the same note, Islam instructs women to beautify themselves for their husbands. Being an instruction of Deen, this seemingly ordinary task actually becomes a means of reward for the wife when done with the correct intention. A woman’s beauty, however, has only one place… and that is in the eye of the husband.

Unfortunately, there are many men who enter their homes after a long, tiring day at work and instead of finding their wives dressed and adorned for them, are disappointed to find them in a shabby, unsightly state. Sadly, if visitors were to knock on the door or they were to go out to visit someone, the wife would immediately rush to get dressed and ensure that she has an immaculate appearance.

Is she dressing for her husband in the home, or for other people, and for out of the home? Does she allow her husband to always see her in the same gown or kaftan while she can’t imagine wearing the same new outfit for two occasions?

If this is the case, her beauty is definitely out of place and will thus never bring her true happiness, as she has earned the unhappiness of both Allah Ta‘ala and her husband. On the other hand if she dresses up for her husband, she will feel beautiful, he will find her attractive and most importantly – she will have earned the pleasure of Allah Ta‘ala.