1. Rooibos is an asset for the physically active.

  2. Rooibos helps to prevent cancer.

  3. Rooibos boosts your immune system.

  4. Rooibos helps to slow the ageing process.

  5. Rooibos lowers risk of heart disease.

  6. Rooibos helps fighting allergies.

  7. Rooibos soothes stomach cramps and colic.

  8. Rooibos is also used to relieve nervous tension and stomach and bowel irritation, easing the painful symptoms of urinary system diseases such as prostatitis and cystitis.

  9. Rooibos assists in lowering blood pressure.

  10. Rooibos soothes skin irritations and acne.

  11. Rooibos assists in protecting the liver.

  12. Rooibos assists in relief of heartburn.

  13. Rooibos helps for insomnia.

To conclude: Researchers know of no side effects associated with the use of Rooibos Tea. It is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children.