Our Muslim women and youth have become the number one targets of the clothing and fashion industry. We are entranced into abandoning our simple and modest way of dressing, only to adopt the extravagant and immoral garb of other nations.

To clearly understand how serious it really is to imitate the dressing of others, imagine a war-time scenario where a British soldier dresses up in the uniform of a German soldier. Although he may be British inwardly and he may even serve Britain outwardly as well, his choosing to dress like one of the enemy will definitely not be appreciated. In fact, he may be court martialled and punished.

The truth of the matter is that we are only adopting the dress of others in order to command some awe and respect. This essentially means that our decision to dress in this way boils down to pride. We are trying to make ourselves appear to be great whereas this is a great crime in the court of Allah Ta‘ala. The person, who has pride in his heart, even if equivalent to a grain of a mustard seed, cannot enter Jannah. The fashion industry of today thrives on people’s pride and their desire to show off.