We face, on a daily basis, situations which test our tolerance and patience. Unfortunately, we sometimes fail the test and succumb to our temper, behaving in such a manner that we cause nothing but remorse and regret for ourselves.

Thus, as of today, when faced with any test, simply remember the word ‘CAB’.

‘C’ stands for the ‘Command’ of Allah Ta‘ala. Remember that this test was decreed to happen and there was no way that we could have escaped it. We cannot choose our tests, but we can choose the manner in which we face these tests and challenges.

‘A’ stands for ‘Aware’. Allah Ta‘ala is all aware regarding our condition, so let us not lose our composure and temper and behave inappropriately. Furthermore, when He is aware of our trial, then we are not alone in this test. If we turn to Him, we will definitely enjoy His unseen help.

‘B’ stands for ‘Blessing’ in disguise. We fail to see beyond the present and thus lose hope and become frustrated. In comparison, Allah Ta‘ala alone, in His infinite knowledge, knows what is best for us at any given point. Generally, it is only years later that we eventually realize the wisdom that was in the divine planning of Allah Ta‘ala. Additionally, every test that is borne with patience becomes a means of great reward. With every test, we are being handed a chance to score in the Aakhirah. Hence these tests really are ‘blessings’ in disguise.

The next time you face a challenge and the tide turns against you, remember ‘CAB’!