(Mu‘aazah bintu ‘Abdillah Al-‘Adawiyyah [rahimahallah] #2)

In the year 76 A.H. the husband and son of Mu‘aazah (rahimahallah) were both martyred while waging jihaad in the lands of Persia. When the news was broken that her husband and son had both passed away, many women gathered at the house of Mu‘aazah (rahimahallah) in order to console her over her loss. On seeing these women, Mu‘aazah (rahimahallah) calmly said, “If you have come to congratulate me (on my husband and son attaining the rank of martyrdom) then you are welcome. If you have come for any other purpose (i.e. if you have come to console me) then return (as I am not in need of consolation).”

Mu‘aazah (rahimahallah) was once suffering from a stomach ailment. When the doctor was consulted, he prescribed Nabeezul Jarr (a type of drink that sometimes ferments and becomes intoxicating) as medication. When a cup of this drink was presented to Mu‘aazah (rahimahallah), she made du‘aa saying, “O Allah! You are well aware that ‘Aaishah (radhiyallahu ‘anha) narrated to me that Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) had prohibited Nabeezul Jarr. Thus suffice me as You wish.” As soon as she made this du‘aa, the cup containing the drink suddenly fell over, spilling its contents. Mu‘aazah (rahimahallah) was also cured soon thereafter.

(Tahzeebut Tahzeeb vol. 12, pg. 452 and Al-Bidaayah wan Nihaayah   vol. 9, pg. 166)


1. Mu‘aazah (rahimahallah) had such conviction and faith in the promise of Allah Ta‘ala that she was not at all grieved over the news of her husband’s and son’s death. She firmly believed that they were most fortunate to have been blessed with martyrdom and the news was thus ‘good news’ and a reason to rejoice. Similarly, when a Believer builds strong conviction in the promises of Allah Ta‘ala, then his entire mindset and behaviour will accordingly change, until even his emotions will be governed by Deen and the wish of Allah Ta‘ala.

2. The pious servants of Allah Ta‘ala are very particular in regard to abstaining from haraam – to the extent that they even abstain from that which is doubtful. Abstaining from things which are haraam and even of a doubtful nature is a vital ingredient in the recipe for one to have his du‘aas accepted by Allah Ta‘ala.