(Sayyidah Maryam [‘alaihas salaam] – Part Two)

The mother and father of Sayyidah Maryam (‘alaihas salaam) were ‘Imraan and Hannah. Before the birth of Sayyidah Maryam (‘alaihas salaam), Hannah was unable to bear a child.

One day, Hannah observed a bird feeding its chick. Seeing this spectacle of love and compassion, her heart was overcome by the desire to have a child. She thus turned to Allah Ta‘ala in du‘aa, begging him to bless her with a child. Her du‘aa was answered and soon thereafter she conceived. She vowed to Allah Ta‘ala that she would dedicate her child to worshipping Him and serving Masjidul Aqsa. (Surah Aal ‘Imraan v35 and Tafseer Ibni Katheer vol. 2, pg. 337)

When the child was born, Hannah noticed that it was a girl! Normally only a male child would be dedicated for serving in the masjid and worshipping Allah Ta‘ala. Nevertheless, Hannah understood that Allah Ta‘ala knew best, and it was in His infinite wisdom that He had blessed her with a daughter, instead of a son. (Surah Aal ‘Imraan v36, Tafseerul Qurtubi vol. 5, pg. 101 and Tafseerul Madaarik vol. 1, pg. 172)

Hannah named her daughter ‘Maryam’ which meant ‘worshipper’ in the language of the time. Her intention was that depite her baby being a female and thus not being able to serve in the masjid, she will still dedicate her to worshipping Allah Ta‘ala. (Surah Aal ‘Imraan v36, Tafseerul Madaarik vol. 1, pg. 173 and Bayaanul Quraan vol. 1, pg. 222)

Hannah then made a special du‘aa saying, “I seek Your protection (O Allah) for her and her progeny from Shaitaan the rejected.”

Whenever a child is born, Shaitaan interferes with the child and pokes it, causing it to cry out aloud. However, through the blessing of this du‘aa of Hannah, Sayyidah Maryam (‘alaihas salaam) and her son, Nabi ‘Isa (‘alaihis salaam), were both safeguarded from Shaitaan and thus did not cry when they were born. (Surah Aal ‘Imraan v36 and Saheeh Bukhaari #3286 & #4548)


1. Every person has unfulfilled wishes, desires and aspirations. Regardless of what the desire may be, the only One Who can fulfill our ambition is Allah Ta‘ala. Hence, even though we adopt the means, we believe, from our hearts, that only Allah Ta‘ala can make the means effective. After all, there are so many people who undergo fertility treatments, yet still fail to conceive.

2. The ambition of Hannah was not merely to have a child, but rather to dedicate her child to the worship of Allah Ta‘ala and to serving the masjid. There are many parents who, even before the birth of their children, plan their career path, whether in medicine, law, engineering, etc. However, how many parents plan for their children to be the worshippers of Allah Ta‘ala and their sons to be devotees of the masjid? How many parents take steps to ensure that their children attend the best madrasahs and acquire the best Deeni upbringing and education? These are the ultimate ‘careers’ as these ‘professions’ bear profits in the Hereafter.

3. We all plan and hope for our lives to work out in a certain way. However, Allah Ta‘ala knows what is best for us and blesses us accordingly. We should always be happy and content with the decree of Allah Ta‘ala and should be appreciative of His favour upon us, as we do not even deserve any of His bounties.

4. When her child was born, the concern of Hannah was for her child to be protected from Shaitaan. Hence, every parent, from before their child is even born, should worry about the safety of their child’s imaan and take the appropriate steps to safeguard their Deen. Together with putting the necessary measures in place, we have to make constant du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala to safeguard them from all evil and sin.