There was once a worshipper from the Banu Israaeel, who was a simple labourer, toiling with a spade in his hand. It so happened that this man was married to a woman who was among the most beautiful women of the Banu Israaeel.

After some time, word of her extraordinary beauty reached one of the tyrant rulers of the Banu Israaeel. On learning of this beautiful woman, he sent an old woman to her with the instruction, “Turn her against her husband. Say to her, ‘Are you really happy to be married to this type of person, who works with a spade? If you were with me, I would adorn you with jewellery, dress you in silk and place servants at your beck and call!’”

Every evening, this beautiful woman would serve supper to her husband and lay out a carpet for him. However, the evening after the old lady had met her and delivered this message to her, she did not serve her husband in this way, as she had changed. Her husband asked her, “What is the matter with you? Why are you behaving in a manner that I have never seen before?” His wife replied, “You are correct (i.e. I have changed).” Hence, he divorced her.

She then went to the tyrant ruler who married her. However, on the first night of their marriage, as they went into seclusion, they both suddenly became blind! Then, as he stretched his hand to touch her, his hand became paralyzed! She likewise extended her hand to touch him, and her hand also became paralyzed! Finally, they were both made deaf and dumb, leaving them with absolutely no inclination towards one another.

The following morning, the tyrant ruler and his new wife were both discovered in their room, deaf, dumb and blind. When the news of what had befallen them was conveyed to the Nabi of the Banu Israaeel, he made du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala, asking Him the reason for what had transpired. Allah Ta‘ala informed him, “I will never forgive them, as they thought that I could not see what they had done to the man labouring with the spade.”

(‘Uyoonul Hikaayaat pg. 122)


1. Allah Ta‘ala is completely aware of everything that we are doing. We may be able to conceal our true colours from the world, but Allah Ta‘ala knows everything – even the most intimate thoughts that cross our minds and emotions that pass through our hearts.

2. Sometimes, a person cheats, robs or oppresses someone in such a manner that he is certain of not being caught out. The oppressed person may have nobody to turn to, can present no evidence to prove his case or has no means to do so. However, Allah Ta‘ala has all the evidence, and if He comes to the oppressed person’s aid, the oppressor will be divinely apprehended and completely destroyed. Hence, oppressing people and usurping their rights should not be trivialized nor taken lightly.