Shaikh ‘Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani (rahimahullah) is a personality who needs no introduction as his piety and righteousness are well known. He narrates the following inspiring incident from his youth:

On the occasion when I took my mother’s permission to travel to Baghdad to seek the knowledge of Deen, she made over to me forty dinaars (gold coins). To keep them safe and concealed, she sewed them into my kurta (upper garment), near the region of my armpit. Thereafter, when bidding me farewell, my mother made me promise that I would always be truthful.

During the journey, our caravan was intercepted by sixty robbers. Initially, none of them interfered with me. Eventually, however, one of them passed by me and asked, “O pauper! How much money do you have?” I replied by truthfully stating, “Forty dinaars.” He asked, “Where is the money?” I replied, “Sewn into my kurta beneath my armpit.” Due to my forthright honesty, the robber assumed that I was joking and thus left me, continuing on his way.

After a few moments, another robber passed by and asked me the same questions, to which I gave the same reply. He also thought that I was joking and thus ignored me, proceeding on his way.

Later, when they were reporting to their leader, both the robbers who had questioned me mentioned what had transpired. The leader was surprised and said, “Bring him to me.” They thus fetched me and took me to a small hill where they were busy distributing the stolen wealth amongst themselves.

When I appeared before their leader, he questioned me, “What wealth do you have with you?” I replied, “Forty dinaars.” He asked, “Where is it?” I replied, “Sewn into my kurta near my armpit.” Astonished, he further enquired, “What made you confess that you had this wealth (whereas it was hidden and we would have never known of it)?” I replied, “My mother made me promise that I would always be truthful, and I will not break my promise to her.”

Hearing this answer, the leader was extremely affected and began to weep. He exclaimed, “You refuse to break your promise to your mother, whereas I have been breaking my promise to Allah Ta‘ala (to refrain from sin and haraam) for so many years!” Saying this, the leader repented at my hands from his life of theft. On witnessing this, the other robbers proclaimed, “You were our leader in crime, and now we make you our leader in repentance as well.” Thus, they all repented at my hands and returned the stolen wealth to the caravan.

(Bahjatul Asraar pg. 186 and Qalaa-idul Jawaahir pg. 9)


1. The values that a mother instils in a child become deeply entrenched. These values guide him from childhood through to adulthood, assisting him to live a life of righteousness and piety.

2. When a Muslim brings the qualities of Islam into his life, he becomes a true flag bearer of Islam, thus attracting people to the beauty and purity of Islam and the sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). The effect of interacting with such a person (one blessed with the true values of Islam) is such a great da’wah to Islam that it often inspires countless people to change their lives.

3. The value of a promise and truthfulness is such that Shaikh ‘Abdul Qaadir (rahimahullah) was prepared to lose his money, but not his honesty and truthfulness. We have all pledged to be the faithful servants of Allah Ta‘ala, yet behave treacherously and unfaithfully by disobeying Him and breaking His commands. If we uphold our pledge to Him, we too will be blessed and will gain His proximity and favour.