Screeeech! Crash!

In a matter of seconds, it was over. The car went off the road and capsized, injuring the occupants within. An hour later, they were all in the emergency ward of the hospital with their loved ones waiting outside, fervently engaged in du‘aa. Finally, the surgeon brought them some news. They had all survived and had sustained no serious injuries – besides their young child… His spine had been broken, leaving him paralyzed!

May Allah Ta‘ala save us all from being tested with such a tragedy. Nevertheless, when a family is faced with the above situation, what generally happens? No parent can bear to see their beloved child in pain and difficulty, and no person would wish for their family member to be disabled and wheelchair-bound.

Hence, the effort to “enable the disabled” commences. They seek the very best neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, aqua therapists and every other possible therapist that they feel may assist them. From India to USA, they will travel the world to find a cure for their beloved child. They beseech the saintly ‘Ulama of the time to make du‘aa for their child and even give sadaqah on his behalf. The reason? They wish him to be cured of his physical ailment.

As serious as the ailment may be, however, it is limited to the physical body of the child. The child is only bound by this body for a few years. After he passes away, he will be completely free of his disability. At that point, it will be his imaan and his actions that will ‘carry’ him to Jannah – not his physical legsIf he led a life of piety in this world, he will even be able to ‘fly’ in Jannah if he so wishes! Hence, the vital question is whether he will be able or disabled on that crucial day?    

If a child is paralyzed, the concern and worry will be so great that the parents will feel as if THEY have been paralyzed. Yet, when the imaan of the child becomes ‘paralyzed’, many parents feel absolutely no concern and show scant regard! Sadly, it is the ailments of imaan that are far more serious, as they will cripple a person on the Day of Qiyaamah. How many parents are bothered or worried when their children fail to perform salaah? Or are involved in an illicit relationship? Or speak in a vulgar and rude manner? Or dress indecently? And the list goes on…

THESE are the serious maladies and ailments that should worry and concern us. If our child – or any Muslim for that matter – is involved in any sin that is ‘crippling’ their imaan and will ‘handicap’ them on the Day of Qiyaamah, it should worry us, disturb us and cause us great anxiety. Which person wishes for their child to undergo difficulty in entering Jannah?

We should engage in continuous, fervent du‘aa, approach the saintly ‘Ulama for guidance and du‘aa and turn to Allah Ta‘ala, together with adopting all the necessary measures in assisting the child to overcome his weakness. This entire process is undertaken with the sole aim and objective of pleasing Allah Ta‘ala through ‘enabling’ our fellow Muslim whose imaan has become ‘disabled’.

May Allah Ta‘ala assist us all to realize the importance of strengthening our children’s imaan and protecting them from all that which can cripple them on the Day of Qiyaamah.