(Mother of Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa [rahimahullah] – Part Five)

When Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa (rahimahullah) was sixteen years old, he went to Delhi to continue acquiring the knowledge of Deen. He remained in Delhi for approximately three to four years, and it was during this period that his respected mother passed away.

It is mentioned that prior to his mother passing away, every month, when the new moon would be sighted, Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) would come to meet his mother, and on meeting her, he would honour her by kissing her feet (in a manner that did not resemble making sajdah to her).

On one occasion, when the new moon of Jumaadal Aakhirah was sighted, he came to meet his mother, as per his usual routine. However, on this occasion, after he kissed her feet, she asked him, “Next month, when the new moon is sighted, then whose feet will you kiss?” Hearing these words, Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) realized that his mother was indicating to him that her end was imminent.

His heart was immediately affected, and as he began to weep, he asked her, “(My beloved mother!) To whom will you hand over this poor soul?” His mother replied, “I will give you the answer tomorrow.” She then instructed him saying, “Go and spend the night by Shaikh Najeebud Deen Mutawakkil.” Thus, in accordance to his mother’s instruction, he left her and went to Shaikh Najeebud Deen.

At the very end of the night, as the time of tahajjud was drawing to an end, his mother’s attendant came running to Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) and said, “Your mother is calling you!” He was immediately worried and concerned and enquired, “Is everything ok?” The attendant replied, “Yes, (everything is fine).”

Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) mentions:

“When I came to my mother, she addressed me and said, ‘Yesterday, you asked me a question, and I promised you that I will give you the answer. I am now answering your question, so listen attentively!’ She then asked for my right hand, so I held it out before her. She clasped my hand with her own hand and said, ‘O my Allah! I hand him over to You!’”

She then recited the kalimah for a few moments, after which she breathed her last and departed from this world.

Regarding his mother handing him into the care of Allah Ta‘ala in her final moments, Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) says, “I was extremely grateful to Allah Ta‘ala (for what my mother had done). I thought to myself, ‘Even if my mother had left me a house filled with gold and pearls, it would not have brought me as much happiness as this.’”

(Tareekh-e-Da’wat wa ‘Azeemat vol. 3, pgs. 55 & 58, Misaalee Maao ki Misaalee Awlaade pg. 83 and Misaalee Khawateen pg. 249)


1. Though the mother of Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa (rahimahullah) had lost her husband, and her son would have been a source of comfort and support for her, she still sent him to Delhi to acquire the knowledge of Deen. This was the sacrifice that she made in order to secure her Aakhirah and the Aakhirah of her son.

2. Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa (rahimahullah) was at a distance from his mother, studying in Delhi, but he made a point of visiting her regularly. Hence, he ensured that he visited her once a month. Furthermore, when visiting her, he would show her great honour and respect and even went to the extent of kissing her feet.

3. From a young age, the mother of Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa (rahimahullah) had instilled the love of Allah Ta‘ala in his heart. Hence, instead of being attached to wealth and being filled with the love of this world, his heart was attached to Allah Ta‘ala and was brimming with His love. It is for this reason that being entrusted to the care of Allah Ta‘ala brought him more happiness than he would have experienced had she left him wealth and riches.

4. Throughout his life, the mother of Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa (rahimahullah) had taught him to turn to Allah Ta‘ala instead of people. When there was no food in their home, she would tell him that they were the guests of Allah Ta‘ala. Now, at the very end of her life, by entrusting him to Allah Ta‘ala, she once again reminded him that he must continue to turn Allah Ta‘ala at all times, as He alone can help one and fulfil one’s needs.