1. When meeting a person, do so smilingly and pleasantly.

2. When meeting a person for the first time, introduce yourself by stating your name, the place in which you live and the purpose for your visit/meeting.

3. Do not meet a person at a time that will inconvenience him due to him being involved in some work, resting, etc.

4. Do not prolong the duration of the visit and inconvenience the person. Often, women visit other women at their homes and stay so long that the woman’s work is affected e.g. she is unable to cook and complete the other chores of the home. This naturally causes her difficulty and inconvenience.

5. Before visiting a person, always contact them and inform them that you wish to visit. When doing so, ask them as to which time is convenient for your visit.

6. If one was unable to inform the person of the visit in advance, then one should ensure that he keeps his visit brief, as the person visited was not expecting him.

7. Do not visit a person at mealtimes or prolong the visit until the time of the meal unless explicitly invited to join the meal. This puts the host through extreme difficulty as there is often insufficient food for the guests and insufficient time to prepare additional food.

8. If a time was specified for the visit and one unexpectedly becomes delayed, then one should immediately contact the person being visited and inform them of the delay.

9. When meeting a person, give them your complete, undivided attention. While in their presence, do not fidget with the phone, etc.