1. When the guest arrives (and will be staying over), show him the toilet. In doing so, it will be easy for the guest to relieve himself if there is a need, without him needing to search for the host and enquire regarding the toilet.

2. If the guest arrives and is hungry, serve him whatever food is available or can be prepared quickly. Do not make the guest wait in hunger so that a lavish meal can be prepared.

3. The host should not force the guest to eat. This may harm the health and the well-being of the guest.

4. Do not stare at the guest while he is eating, or take note of and remark on the amount of food that he is eating. This will embarrass the guest and cause him to feel uncomfortable.

5. If there is a need to bring more food, do not remove the utensils in which there is still some food remaining, in order to refill them. Instead, bring the food in another utensil.

6. If the guest is staying for a few days, try to prepare special food on the first day. If one serves the normal food of the house to the guest in the days thereafter, there is no harm.

7. When sending food to someone, ensure that it is covered.

8. Do not become a hindrance to the guest i.e. if the guest needs to rest or has some work to attend to, give him the privacy and opportunity to do so.

9. When the guest is departing, see him off until the door.