For every Muslim around the world, regardless of his nationality, age, gender or language, the day of ‘Eid holds special significance. Hence, the happiness that is perceived with the approach of ‘Eid can perhaps be compared to no other day.

Such is the joy of ‘Eid that the atmosphere of happiness already prevails from the eve of ‘Eid, with small children running around in excitement, preparing their ‘Eid clothing, while their mothers prepare the ‘Eid ‘specials’ for the following day. Come the day of ‘Eid, and people meet each other excitedly, share meals with each other and fondly compare their Ramadhaan experiences. In essence, the day of ‘Eid is completely unique and fills the hearts of one and all with joy and happiness.

Now, imagine if EVERY DAY could be the day of ‘Eid, where our hearts are filled with happiness, joy and excitement! Well, the reality is that every day CAN be like the day of ‘Eid.

The day of ‘Eid is a day of happiness as it is on this day that Allah Ta‘ala rewards us for our obedience to Him during the month of Ramadhaan by abstaining from sins and our exerting ourselves in His worship. Hence, if we live every day of our lives like Ramadhaan, every day will be like the day of ‘Eid and Allah Ta‘ala will fill our hearts with special joy and happiness all the time.

It is for this reason that the eminent Taabi‘ee, Muhaddith and Imaam, Hasan Basri (rahimahullah), mentioned, “Every day in which Allah Ta‘ala was not disobeyed is a day of ‘Eid, and every day that a believer spends in the obedience, remembrance and gratitude of Allah Ta‘ala is a day of ‘Eid.” (Lataa-iful Ma‘aarif pg. 485)

Similarly, the renowned saint, Shaikh Shibli (rahimahullah), once recited the following couplets, echoing the same sentiments, “My ‘Eid is continuous, whereas the ‘Eid of other people comes (for a single day) and goes, and my heart is turned away from all the distractive pleasures of the world. I have two friends that are irreplaceable (in connecting me to Allah Ta‘ala); my endless yearning (to meet Allah), and eyes which flow with tears.” (Lataa-iful Ma‘aarif pg. 485)

Allah Ta‘ala is the creator of happiness and joy, and He only blesses those people with true happiness and continuous joy who are loyal and obedient to Him at all times.

May Allah Ta‘ala bless us all to lead our entire lives like Ramadhaan, so that every day of our lives will hold the special joy of ‘Eid, and may He make the final day of our lives, when we depart on the journey to the Hereafter, be the ultimate ‘Eid, aameen.