Staring into the starlit sky,

sighting the crescent moon.

Ramadhaan has at last come by,

and not a moment too soon.

Depending on people’s state of heart,

this month has different meaning.

Some greedily fill the grocery cart,

while others see spiritual healing.

Samoosas, pies and savouries galore!

Decadence and delight with every bite!

Isn’t Ramadhaan supposed to mean more?

What about the joy of Tahajjud at night?

Many soothe their ailing souls,

And the pleasure of their Rabb they earn.

While others fill haleem bowls,

And eat till they suffer heart-burn!

Seated around the dastarkhaan,

hands raised like a beggar.

A few turn their eyes to the naan,

while the rest cry to the Giver.

Taqwa is the ultimate prize,

acquired by those who strive.

Through the ranks they steadily rise,

as the Quraan brings their hearts alive.

Make this Ramadhaan one to cherish,

by attending to your imaan.

Don’t allow your soul to perish,

through neglecting your Islam.

Braais and fast-food are always around,

we can easily enjoy them later.

Special moments in Ramadhaan simply abound,

there’s no month that’s greater.