Two weeks before Ramadhaan, you were pleasantly surprised by your ‘hubby’ with a gift that you needed most at that time… the biggest upright freezer that can comfortably and neatly accommodate all those tupperwares of savouries that you made or ordered with sooo much of difficulty. You unwrap it with excitement, plug it with anticipation and then fill it till capacity.

The next day, when you went to grudgingly take out some samoosas for an unexpected guest, you were shocked to see that all your savouries had melted and some were even giving off a stench.

Rushing to the phone you dial the customer care line number, “Your product is rubbish… and all my Ramadhaan savouries are gone off… I’m taking you’ll to court” you yell.

“But ma’am, did you follow all the instructions” asks the consultant. “What a silly question to ask… it’s only about switching it on” you scream.

“That’s the problem… did you check if the door was tightly shut?” You think to yourself, “Oh no! It’s my fault. The door was left slightly open.”

Just as leaving the door of the freezer open is a cause of it not freezing and results in major problems, similarly committing sins together with the good actions that we carry out in the blessed month of Ramadhaan is a means of us not gaining the desired effect of the various acts of worship.

Let us strive to make this Ramadhaan a sin-free one in order to earn the great rewards and blessings that are contained therein.