The signs at the front of your favourite clothing store first read “End of Season Sale – 50% Off!” However, twenty days have passed since the signs were first erected and they have now been changed for signs that read “Further Reduced!”.

The sale period has not only been extended, the bargains have become better and are now absolutely unbeatable. Nobody wants to be left out.

This is exactly the case with the final ten days of the blessed month of Ramadhaan. The entire month is the month of mercy, the month in which Allah Ta‘ala forgives multitudes of his servants who turn to him in repentance. Furthermore, the entire month is host to such a bargain that for one fardh action, the servant is granted the reward of 70 fardh actions!

Enter the final ten days, however, and the deals are so fantastic, that Allah Ta‘ala, for the duration of one of the odd nights, grants his servants the reward of 1000 months of worship!

If we have failed to make the most of this month and value its precious moments by making ‘ibaadah, reciting the Quraan Majeed, etc. until now, then let us not lose hope and ‘throw in the towel’. Rather, let us make the most of the remaining days, as by doing this we can still salvage our Ramadhaan and prevent it from having gone to waste.

Very often, it’s the final moments that make all the difference. How many people lived their lives as disbelievers, but were blessed with the courage to bring imaan and shortly thereafter passed away? If we use the last moments of Ramadhaan fruitfully, there is hope that Allah Ta‘ala will forgive us and overlook the fact that we failed to adequately appreciate this blessed month until now.  

Hurry up and cash in before it’s too late! These deals are not to be missed!