The best winter warmer.

One teaspoon to be taken daily, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, with either black or cinnamon tea.

Peel 1 kg ginger. Grind in the magimix.

Roughly grind ½ kg almonds with the skin on.

Grind 100g chaar magaj.

Wash and grind 100g kus kus.

Slice 50g of pistachio.

Grind 50g of pistachio.

Fry 100g goondar in ghee at very high heat. Place on a paper towel to absorb extra ghee. Cool and crush.

50g punjab musli.

50g white/saalim musli.

50g aherio/arserio.

100g singora powder.

Braise ginger in ¼ cup ghee till all the water burns out. Once dry, add all the powders.

Melt 1 kg local ghor in 1 cup ghee. Add 2 Tbsp milk to soften. Once soft, add 1 Tbsp honey.

While still soft, combine with the ginger mixture. The ghor acts as a binder.

Add almonds, 1 freshly grated coconut and elachi powder.