Ask our children:

1. Should we listen to our mother?

2. Should we make our mother happy or sad?

3. Should we be helpful?

Now tell them the story:

Once, there was a little girl named Humairaa. She was a very intelligent girl, but she had one very bad habit – she did not listen to her mother and she was not helpful. Her mother would have to tell her the same thing over and over until she would listen.

One day, mum called out, “Humairaa! Please pack your toys away!” But Humairaa refused to listen. She moaned and groaned and said, “But I’m busy! I don’t want to!” Humairaa’s mother didn’t say anything and quietly packed the toys away herself.

A while later, she called out, “Humairaa! Please bring me a box of tissues!” But once again, Humairaa refused to listen to her mother. She complained saying, “Why must I bring it? I’m tired!” Once again, Humairaa’s mother didn’t say anything and quietly fetched the tissues herself.

That evening, Humairaa asked her mother, “Mummy! Please make me a cup of Milo.” But her mother replied, “No Humairaa, I’m busy!” Before going to bed, Humairaa asked, “Mummy! Can you please come and tuck me into bed?” Again, her mother said, “Sorry Humairaa, I’m tired.”

Now Humairaa felt miserable, so she burst into tears and began to cry. She asked her mother, “Mummy! Why are you being so mean? I only wanted a cup of Milo and for you to tuck me into bed!”

Just then, Humairaa’s father entered the room. He had seen everything that happened. He sat on the bed with Humairaa, gave her a hug, and then said to her, “My darling! Allah Ta‘ala has given you a mummy who loves you and does everything for you! She cooks your favourite food, bakes your favourite cake and biscuits, bathes you, plays with you and teaches you your surahs and du‘aas. When you are scared, she makes you feel safe, and when you get hurt, she comforts you. When Allah Ta‘ala has given you such a fantastic mummy, then He wants you to always listen to her and do everything that she says. All mummy wanted was for you to pack your toys away and bring her a box of tissues!”

When Humairaa thought about what her father said to her, she felt very bad. She immediately went to her mother, gave her a big hug, and said, “I’m sorry mummy! From today, I’ll always listen to you when you tell me something! I’ll be the most helpful daughter ever!” Mummy was very happy and said, “My baby! When I didn’t make your Milo, and when I didn’t tuck you into bed, I wasn’t being mean. I just wanted you to see that this behaviour makes a person very sad.”

So Humairaa’s mother brought her a cup of Milo and tucked her into bed. After she drank her Milo, she went to sleep with a big smile on her face.


1. We should always listen to our mother. If she asks us to do something, we must do it immediately.

2. We must try to always make our mother happy. If we make our mother happy, Allah Ta‘ala will be happy with us.

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