Ask our children:

1. Are we allowed to tease and make fun of people?

2. What should we do if someone teases us?

Now tell them the story:

There was once a little boy whose name was ‘Ali and surname was Gani. His pockets were always full of money and so he would always buy sweets and candy. Whenever his mummy and daddy would tell him to look after his teeth, he would refuse to listen. After a few years had passed, most of his teeth had decayed and had to be removed. With most of his teeth on the right and left pulled out, his two big front teeth began to stick out and really made him look funny.

One afternoon, ‘Ali ran home, held onto his mummy and burst out crying. With warmth and love, his mummy made him sit on her lap and asked him what had happened. He said, “Mummy! I am not going to school ever again! Today one boy teased me! He said, “‘Ali Gani, the ugly bunny”, and the whole class laughed at me! Now everyone calls me “‘Ali Gani, the ugly Bunny!”.

‘Ali’s mummy smiled and told him, “Don’t you worry, my cuddly sonny. I have an idea that will change everything for you.” When ‘Ali heard his mother’s promise, his cries became smiles. The next morning when ‘Ali went to school, his mummy gave him a jar of honey and told him to give each child in the class a drop of honey.

‘Ali did exactly as his mum had told him and by the end of that day the entire class began to call him, “‘Ali Gani, our sugary honey”. All it took to change everyone’s reasoning and teasing was a little planning and understanding.

‘Ali returned home that day happy and jolly. He hugged his mummy and promised his daddy that from that day onwards, he will always listen to them.


1. Our parents and elders are always there to guide us when we are faced with problems.

2. As little children, even little tests can sometimes seem too difficult to handle. However, with the guidance of our elders everything becomes simple and easy.

3. Always obey our parents. They will only tell us to do that which is good for us in this world and the Hereafter.

4. Teasing and making fun of others is not allowed in Islam. A Muslim does not cause harm to others.

5. If people tease us, we should not get upset and lose ourselves. This will only make them tease us more. Simply ignore what they say and move away.