It is an established fact that TV programs and movies in general, especially scary movies, (apart from being impermissible) can have a lasting effect on one’s mind. The devastating effects of these movies can be understood from the experiences of the viewers. According to one study, a wide range of symptoms were reported, including crying, screaming, trembling, nausea, increased heart rate, feeling of paralysis, shortness of breath and fear of losing control. Some people even become suicidal after watching certain movies, whilst others become rebellious to their parents.

Apart from these short term effects, often long term effects could result in depression, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. The frightening scenes which were viewed could occasionally haunt a person causing a host of psychological disorders. This could ruin the entire life of an innocent child.

Recently we were informed about the latest release of a horror movie titled “The Twilight Series”. Some people who watched this movie experienced several of the negative symptoms mentioned above.

Hereunder are two cases regarding which we have first-hand information.

Case: 1 – A Muslim girl came home in a very frightened and disorientated state after watching the movie. She was crying and very anxious for no apparent reason. A haafiz of the Quraan Majeed was called in to recite for her. As soon as he entered the house she became hysterical. After reciting for some time the girl calmed down. 

Case: 2 – Another girl from a reputable family fell into a severe depression after watching the same movie. For two weeks, she only cried and slept. She was not interested in eating or socialising even with her immediate family. Medication was administered to her to treat the depression but did not have any benefit. Her depression reached a point where she would cry aloud “I am frightened, I am frightened.” She was constantly calling out for her parents and wanting them to be at her side. The situation was horrific. A 22-year-old girl behaving in this manner! A girl who was attractive and healthy had become very weak with a demonic look on her face! She had dark patches below her eyes! All the money in the world could not bring a smile back on her face. In a state of helplessness, the family contacted a Moulana. The girl was finally diagnosed with being under the influence of a jinn, whereas she was perfectly normal before watching this movie. By this time, she was severely dehydrated and admitted into hospital. After few days of being put onto drips and together with some spiritual treatment the girl partly recovered, but was still not completely cured.

These are real life situations which should serve as a lesson to every parent. Unfortunately, such movies are flooded on Dstv channels and are appealing to the youth. Vampires, werewolves, magicians and magic have become the order of the day. Generally, this weakens the mind of a person and makes one an easy target for the shayaateen and jinn. We should not take things for granted and become complacent. Tomorrow it could be our child in a similar predicament, Allah Ta‘ala forbid. While many regard these aspects to be trivial, the reality is that it is very serious and could throw an entire family in turmoil.

It is the duty of every parent to protect their children from such negative influences. Remember, prevention is not only better, but easier, than cure. Let it not be that your ‘angel’ is transformed into a ‘demon’ and your comfortable home becomes a house of horror.

May Allah Ta‘ala protect us all, our children and our progeny till the Day of Qiyaamah.