“A Muslimah’s Guide to Living a Blissful Life” by Sayyidah Khairun Nisaa (rahimahallah) #1

For quite some time, I have been deliberating over writing a book that will not only be interesting and appealing, but will also be filled with guidance and advice. However, until now, this thought and ambition never materialised. The challenges of life occupied me to the point where they left scant opportunity for me to attend to anything else.

While seated at home one day, I began to think to myself, “What benefit is there in letting my life pass by without achieving anything? I must try to engage myself in some good work!”

For some days thereafter, I considered keeping a few young girls with me so that I could teach them, groom them and see to their upbringing. However, I neither have the strength of heart nor the mental energy that I previously possessed. How could I then take up such a demanding task?

My restlessness and yearning for Allah Ta‘ala has consumed me, making it difficult for me to attend to any difficult task. However, remaining idle and sitting in isolation causes one to feel lonely and uneasy. Even if I have to alleviate my loneliness through spending some time educating young girls, or through attending to the affairs of the home, I will not have brought any significant benefit to any person. In that case, my eyes, tongue, hands, feet, heart and mind, which Allah Ta‘ala bestowed to me through His grace and favour, will not have been employed for the benefit of people. What a great loss indeed!

Finally, it occurred to me that I should set out to achieve my initial ambition of writing a book. I felt that this was the best option and was also an excellent way for me to remain occupied. Insha-Allah, I have hope that others will benefit from it as well.

In order for a person to author a book, he must have the ability and talent to write. At this point of my life, I neither have the strength of heart nor the mental energy, nor is my mind what it used to be when I was younger, nor do I possess any ability or talent. Nevertheless, assisted by nothing more than my courage, I place my trust in Allah Ta‘ala and now sit to write, with the following words on my tongue:

سہارے پر تری اممداد کے بيڑا اٹھايا ہے

فلک کا بوجھ اٹھانے پرتلی ہوں ناتواں ہو کر

Relying on Your assistance alone, I undertake to carry out this task

Despite being weak, I am set on carrying the weight of the sky

I make du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala to allow my ambition to be fulfilled, to make this book a means of people receiving immense benefit, and to make this book fulfill the role of a ‘model’ and ideal teacher for young girls. For the same purpose, of training and developing the talents of young girls, I have prepared another kitaab named “Zaai-qah” (a recipe book named “Taste”) to teach young girls how to cook, so that they will not be dependent on anyone, and so that they will know how to bring happiness to the household by preparing enjoyable, delicious meals while remaining within the limits of a budget.

Khairun Nisaa