We are repeatedly asked in the Quraan Majeed to ponder and reflect, as this is the means to recognize Allah Ta‘ala. However, the science and technology that man uses to bring pleasure and entertainment into his life, has unfortunately taken over his heart and switched off his mind, hence his ability to ponder and reflect has been paralyzed.

Let us take the example of the television. It feeds us with a swift contamination of pictures. Before we can decide to even think about an image, there is another eye-catching picture to distract us. Thus the television does not even permit us to ponder or to reflect. It implants images containing hidden messages into our heart, and not concepts based on sound reasoning into our mind.

Thus the heart seems to be alive with feelings and emotions whereas the mind is paralyzed and the intelligence is switched off. This in turn provides the fertile ground in which man is moulded and programmed to react and move in a particular course and direction. Hence we find very few people in the world who truly think for themselves, let alone pondering and reflecting. Their thoughts and perceptions come through the mould shaped by the television. Thus he then looks at and understands everything through the ‘eyes’ and ‘mind’ of the TV propaganda.