1. Manner of I’tikaaf for Women:

Q: How should a woman carry out i’tikaaf in her home?

A: She should specify a place in her home where she will make i’tikaaf. Thereafter she should not leave the place of i’tikaaf except with the intention of wudhu, fardh ghusal and fulfilling the necessities of life.

2. Women making I’tikaaf in the Musjid: 

Q: I was reading something on one of the Islamic forums on the net. They were talking about their musjid not having facilities for women’s i’tikaaf. When I mentioned that as far as I know, women are supposed to observe i’tikaaf at home, a lady replied: “If a woman wishes to perform i’tikaaf, then she should do so in a musjid, so long as there is no danger in that (such as free-mixing and complacency regarding the hijaab, etc.)”. Please explain if this is correct.

A: The abundance of dangers in this time is absolutely clear. Hence, they should make i’tikaaf in the confines of their homes in the place that is reserved for salaah.

3. What to Do in I’tikaaf:

Q: What is the best ‘ibaadat to make whilst in i’tikaaf and what should be avoided?

A: In the month of Ramadhaan, the recitation of the Quraan Majeed supersedes all other deeds. One should not engage in worldly activities.