Ask our children:

1. How should we speak to those elder than us?

2. Are we allowed to tease and make fun of others?

Now tell them the story:

There was a very old oupa sitting in a boat. Two little rascals decided to join him on his afternoon ride. The boat was in deep sea and everything was absolutely quiet. The two rascals started to get bored and began poking fun at oupa. They asked him if he knows how to write, to which he replied no. Then they asked him if he knows how to read, to which he replied no. They finally asked him if he knows how to count. When he replied no, they laughed for no more saying, “Old man! What do you know? You have wasted your life.”

The old man remained silent and continued to enjoy the peaceful ride. Suddenly the strong winds began to blow and the sky was all covered with dark clouds. Then came the fiery lightning followed by deafening thunder. The water became stormy and the boat was rocking from side to side. The two rascals were clinging onto each other, all worried and terrified. The old man very calmly addressed them saying, “Tell me, do you know how to swim” The two rascals shook their heads saying, “No”. The old man told them, “I may have wasted seventy years of my life not learning how to read, write and count, but as for you two, if this boat has to turn over then you have wasted your entire life.


1. Do not laugh at others, for they definitely know something that you may not know.

2. Daily learn your madrasah lesson as this will help you reach Jannah. Don’t only drown in your school homework.

3. One day our lives are going to turn over. Are we prepared to meet the angel of death?