(Saintly Women around Siddeeq [Part Six] – Wife of Qari Siddeeq [rahimahullah] #3)           

One of the special qualities of the wife of Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) was her concern for others and kindness towards them Family women, village women and even non-Muslim women would come to her with their needs. She would visit the sick and when needed, assist in delivering a baby. If people came to her for money, she would help them in whatever capacity she could, and as far as possible she would never turn anyone away empty handed.

The life of this great woman was replete with such incidents which highlight the spirit of compassion and kindness which burned within her.

A man came to Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) after her demise and began to cry. When Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) tried to comfort and console him, he explained that it was the behaviour of Qari Siddeeq’s (rahimahullah) wife that had left an indelible impression on his heart and caused him to cry.

This man had once brought his sick daughter to Qari Siddeeq’s (rahimahullah) home. When the daughter entered, the wife of Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) noticed that her hair was dirty. She immediately washed the girl’s hair, gave her milk to drink and thereafter made her lie down and began to fan her.

Similarly, a pundit once came with his wife and child to visit Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah). On receiving them, Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) insisted that the pundit’s wife and child go to Qari Siddeeq’s (rahimahullah) home. When they entered the home, the pundit’s child began to cry. Noticing this, the wife of Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) immediately brought some milk and gave it to the child to drink after which she turned to the pundit’s wife and offered her some fruit. Her hospitality and manners were such that they made a great impression on the pundit’s wife.

If any women of the village spoke to her harshly, she neither fought with them nor retaliated in any way.  Rather, she would listen to their screaming with silence and sabr (patience). On one occasion, a certain woman screamed at her very abusively, yet she remained silent and pretended as if she had not heard her abuse. Her character was such, that when this same woman fell sick the next day, she still went to visit and nurse her.

(Hayaat-e-Siddeeq pg. 234 – 235 and Tazkiratus Siddeeq vol. 1, pg. 608 – 609)


1. True compassion and care for the creation of Allah Ta‘ala is where a person is willing and eager to help and assist all people, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Furthermore, a sign of a person’s intention being sincereis that he assists all those who are in need, whether they are influential or not.

When there is a lack of sincerity, one will only aid those through whom he can gain recognition for his ‘humanitarian efforts’ or from whom he can later extract favours. He will always first consider what “mileage” he can get from the effort and only then undertake it.

2. It is the akhlaaq (good character) of Islam that creates the greatest impression in the hearts and minds of non-Muslims and causes them to admire and love Islam. Many of us have staff or domestic workers who have been with us for years. If after spending this lengthy period in our company they are still not attracted to the natural beauty of Islam, then we need to ask ourselves whether we are to blame and whether it is our behaviour and interaction with them that has turned them away.

3. Islam allows us to retaliate to the exact extent that we are harmed. However, Islam encourages us to be kind and courteous to even those who ill-treat us, as this was the way of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). It is a means of melting the heart of the enemy and is a sign of a person having a high level of character.