As housewives, many of us pride ourselves on our expertise and culinary creativity in the kitchen. We expend all effort in presenting our husbands with delicious dishes, tantalizing treats and decadent desserts that seduce the senses. Thus when it comes to winning the hearts of our husbands through their stomachs, we not only succeed but thoroughly excel.

Now imagine for a moment that you spent hours and hours in preparing and decorating an elaborate, multi-tiered cake – only to stumble and drop it and watch it smash to bits a few feet from the door of its intended destination. Wouldn’t you feel devastated and whole heartedly disappointed to watch the product of your labours disintegrate in just a few moments?

Similarly, it should not be that we win our husband’s heart through his stomach, just to break it through his ears a few moments later. This happens due to not being particular in regards to our speech. On the spur of the moment, we blurt out whatever crosses our mind and only realize later on, after the damage is done, that we have hurt his heart. The simple remedy for this malady is for us to train ourselves to think before we speak. This habit will not be developed overnight. However, if we remain concerned and persevere, guarding our tongues will become part of our nature and a means of us avoiding problems in our marriage and all other spheres of interaction.

Just as our skill in the kitchen wins his heart through his stomach, let us use the same skill to win his heart through his ears. Sweeten our speech with sugar and don’t make his eyes tear by mixing in chillies. Adopting this approach will ensure that he values, appreciates and is always happy with us.