Camera Phone

It is not permissible to take pictures of animate objects with a cell-phone. It is forbidden to watch videos, T.V. etc., whether on the cell-phone or any other media.

Answering the phone in the toilet

One should not answer the phone in the toilet. If necessary one may somehow make the caller aware that he is occupied at the moment.

Ring Tones

The purpose of the ring tone is to inform you that somebody wishes to speak to you.  To use the Azaan, a verse of the Quraan, any naat shareef, etc. for the purpose of this information is inappropriate. It is disrespectful to use these sacred words in this manner. Therefore, it is incorrect to use the Azaan, naats or verses of the Quraan as a ring tone. Furthermore, if one’s phone suddenly starts ringing whilst in the toilet, this is gross disrespect to these sacred words. One should completely refrain from having such ring tones. Merely set your phone on a normal ring tone.

It is impermissible and a severe sin to have a musical ring tone on one’s cellular phone. Listening to music is Haraam, whether it is from a cell-phone or from any other instrument, whether with pictures or without pictures. To set such a tone on one’s phone that those who call one are forced to listen to music is totally impermissible. One is not only committing a sin, but one is also engaging others in sin.

Missed Call

It is incorrect to miss call someone whom you know will be inconvenienced by phoning you back. However if the person is aware that you are going to give him/her a missed call and he/she does not mind then it is permissible.


• If a husband issues a divorce to his wife by sending an SMS, the talaaq will be valid.

• To deliberately annoy someone by phoning him/her and then cutting the call is sinful and impermissible.

• Downloading programs which are beneficial and within the framework of Shariah is permissible. However, Shariah does not allow the downloading of music and immoral pictures under any circumstance.

• Playing games on the cell-phone is a futile act and a waste of time. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: “It is the dictates of one’s Islam that he forsakes futile acts.”

• Listening to Deeni talks and permissible naats is allowed, provided it is not accompanied by pictures and musical instruments.

Teachers and the Cell Phone

It is not permissible for teachers at Madrasah or school to use the cell phone during teaching times as that time has been purchased from them. This time no more belongs to them. It is now the property of the Madrasah.

Mxit and Facebook

Mxit, Facebook, etc. are notorious for illicit chatting and impermissible communication. Any person using these sites becomes automatically associated with the illicit happenings and is generally looked upon with contempt. We have been commanded to refrain from areas of doubt and suspicion. Therefore using such sites should be totally refrained from.

Nevertheless, if chatting with others for any permissible purpose on the Mxit etc., it is not permissible to use anonymous names thereby not revealing ones identity.

Also it is haraam to befriend strange men whether on the phone or otherwise. This is the key to immorality and vice. Chatting on social media is also a means of wasting valuable time.


Free surfing and chatting has become a means of people wasting hours of precious time. Besides affecting one’s Deen, family time is also eroded. Some people have become addicted to their phones due to surfing, chatting, etc. We should totally refrain from this and spend more quality time with our parents, husband, children, etc.

Don’t be one who …..

• does not give time to her spouse, children, etc.

• does not pay attention to a talk or a lesson

• does not share time with guests, companions, relatives, etc.

Because you are too busy with your Cell Phone.