Q: What is the position of takbeer-e-tashreeq in deen?

A: Takbeer-e-tashreeq is waajib in deen.

Q: When should the takbeer-e-tashreeq be recited?

A: It should be recited after every fardh salaah, from the fajr of the 9th of Zul-Hijjah (Thursday) till the asr of the 13th (Monday).

Q: How many times should it be recited after every fardh salaah?

A: It should “only” be recited once.

Q: On whom is takbeer-e-tashreeq waajib?

A: It is waajib on both baaligh men and women. However, men should recite it audibly and women should recite it softly.

Q: If one forgets to recite it after salaah, then what should be done?

A: If the person remembers whilst seated on the musalla and has not yet spoken to anyone, then he/she should recite the takbeer-e-tashreeq. However, if he/she has spoken or engaged in any worldly activity, then the takbeer-e-tashreeq will fall off.

Q: If one intentionally leaves out reciting the takbeer-e-tashreeq, will he/she be sinful?

A: He/she will be sinful on account of omitting a waajib of deen.

Q: For how many salaah will the takbeer-e-tashreeq be recited?

A: The takbeer-e-tashreeq will be recited for twenty three salaah commencing from the fajr of the 9th of Zul Hijjah and terminating on the Asr of the 13th of Zul Hijjah.

Q: In the case where one is making qadha for missed salaah during the days of tashreeq, should he/she recite the takbeer-e-tashreeq after the qadha salaah?

A: The takbeer-e-tashreeq will only be recited after those qadha salaah which were missed during the days of tashreeq of the same year.

(Refer to Raddul Muhtaar, vol. 2, pg. 177-180)