The saying “no pain, no gain”, although clichéd (overused), expresses a concept that all people acknowledge and understand – that in order to gain, one must be prepared to sacrifice. However, sacrifice is something for which very few people are prepared, as it takes one out of the ‘comfort zone’ into unfamiliar, trial-filled territory.

When most people contemplate their goals, they view the sacrifices that are necessary to achieve them and lose courage, thinking to themselves, “I can never do this, it’s impossible!”

Hence, one of the most effective ways to gain motivation is to consider other people who are just like us and faced the same challenges as us, yet overcame the seemingly insurmountable odds and achieved their goal.

In this regard, Uswatul Muslimah is re-launching ‘Modern to Modest’ – an initiative for our respected mothers and sisters to submit true stories of Muslim women overcoming their challenges and reforming their lives, gaining the divine happiness and proximity of Allah Ta‘ala.

Do you have a personal story to share? Or do you perhaps know of someone whose life underwent a complete revolution as they strove in the quest for piety? If so, write and submit your story to

Insha-Allah, over the next few weeks, we will post the most inspirational stories received onto the website so that all may be inspired. We urge submitters to conceal the identity of the people whose stories they submit. Furthermore, the identity of the submitters will not be published on the website.