(An Ode to Nabi Muhammad [sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam] – Submitted by a subscriber)

He was there for me, long before me.

He showed me compassion. He taught me

All the things I need to know

To live my life right, to help me grow

In my prayers, in my piety,

In my charity, in my sincerity.

But most of all, in my faith in Allah, The Almighty.

He excelled at the greatest task in human history

He was humble despite his victory.

He loved us like no other person could,

and wished for us the best.

He passed on to us the truth.

He cried for us.

He begged Allah in du‘aa for us,

He fought for us,

and will intercede for us.

And though we should,

We neglect to do all that we could

Easily do. How easy it is to accept his encouragement.

He showed us the way. He set the precedent.

Yet we ignore him. How disappointing we have been!

But he cares for us still, in spite of our sin.

He never gave up on us,

He made du‘aa for us.

He strived to guide us

But we betray his trust.

We can never repay him.

What can we possibly do?

Follow his sunnah, all the way through.

Heed his warnings, take his advice.

Start anew.

Be fuelled by his affection,

His determination,

His perfection.

My best friend is gone,

But his legacy always lives on…