Correspondence of  Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (rahimahullah)


I am fulfilling my salaah and other acts of obedience to Allah Ta‘ala. I am also trying to make taubah (repentance) with sincerity. I repented from all sins and I am also observing shar‘ee purdah. But one du‘aa of mine is not being accepted. It seems that Allah Ta‘ala is displeased with me because of my sins.


Never have this wrong thought. If Allah Ta‘ala was displeased, He would not have blessed you with imaan, nor inspired you to do good deeds and you would not have had a relationship with His pious servants. You should think thus: “Allah Ta‘ala loves me very much.”

The du‘aa of a believer is not rejected, but there are different ways of its acceptance. At times He gives the very thing which the believer asks for. At times He does not give specifically what was asked for but gives something better in the future. At times He removes/defers a calamity by virtue of the du‘aa. If He gives nothing to a person in this world, He increases his rank in paradise by virtue of the du‘aa. (Solutions to Spiritual Maladies for the Lovers of Allah Ta‘ala, pg. 477)