Ask our children:

A mother, father and their children are seated in a car. The mother wishes to go to Johannesburg, the father wishes to go to Durban and the children wish to go Cape Town. In such a situation is it possible to make everyone happy?

It is possible, in such a case, that the father will drive for a few kilometres towards Durban. However, due to the mothers nagging, he will have to turn towards Johannesburg. After a few kilometres, due to the children’s demanding, he will be forced to turn towards Cape Town. But, when they all fall off to sleep, the father will quietly turn towards Durban again, until the mother wakes up and the entire roundabout circus starts once more. The question is: Will they reach anywhere, if they continue in this manner?

The simple solution is for all of them to sit down and consult with each other as to which place should be visited first and for how long. Thereafter the second and third place may be decided.


In many homes, we see the father is making the money, the mother is spending the money and the children are wasting the money. The question is: How many of us are saving some money and helping the orphans, the poor and the weak?

When the holidays come, the father makes his plans, the mother makes her plans and the children make their plans. The question is: Is there any home where the family makes their plans together?

Dear children:

Jannat is our destination, the commands of Allah Ta‘ala are our pathway and the sunnah of Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) is our conveyance. In every home the father, mother and the children need to have one goal, “the desire to please Allah Ta‘ala.” In this way we will all be happy and we will all reach our Allah Ta‘ala, insha-Allah.