Visiting the sick is an act that is greatly rewarding. However, it is vitally important that we show consideration to the one who is sick as well as the other members of his household. In this regard, we should visit at their ease (a time that is suitable for them), should inform them of our visit beforehand and should keep our visit short and sweet.

Once, a person went to visit someone who was sick. However, the visitor did not show any consideration and overstayed his welcome, becoming a means of discomfort for the sick person who was very tired and wished to rest. The sick person thus said to him, “So many visitors are entering my room that they are causing me discomfort and inconvenience.”

Sadly, the visitor failed to realise that the sick person was actually indirectly asking him to leave so that he may rest. Hence, he ignorantly suggested to the sick person, “Why don’t I close the door?” The sick person responded, “Yes! Please do so – but ensure that you close it from the outside!”

(Mirqaat vol. 4, pg. 60)