(Mother of Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa [rahimahullah] – Part Four)

As mentioned previously, the father of Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa (rahimahullah) passed away when he was still a young child, approximately five years of age. Hence, it was his mother who raised him and saw to his upbringing.

When Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) reached the age where he was able to read and study, his mother sent him to study the knowledge of Deen under Hazrat Moulana ‘Alaaud Deen Usooli (rahimahullah). Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) continued to learn under him, studying the elementary kitaabs until he completed the basic kitaabs of fiqh as well.

When Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) completed the famous kitaab of fiqh, Mukhtasarul Qudoori, his ustaaz wished to hold a jalsah and tie a turban around his head. However, there was poverty in their home and money was scarce. Hence, Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) came to his mother and said, “My ustaaz wishes to tie the turban around my head, but I do not know where to get a turban from!”

His mother consoled him saying, “My beloved son, do not worry! I will arrange something!” She then bought some cotton, and in a very short period of time, she managed to make a turban which she gave to her son.

On that occasion, his mother invited the ‘Ulama and pious saints of the time for the jalsah. The great luminary and saint, Hazrat Khwaajah ‘Ali (rahimahullah), who was the mureed (disciple) of Hazrat Shaikh Jalaalud Deen Tabrezi (rahimahullah), was also present on that occasion. Hence, the young Hazrat Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) was honoured and most fortunate, as at the time when the turban was being tied on his head, this great saint also participated by tying one of the folds of his turban. The ‘Ulama and saints who were present also made du‘aa for Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) to complete his studies and be blessed with beneficial knowledge.

(Tareekh-e-Da’wat wa ‘Azeemat vol. 3, pg. 53)


1. The mother of Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) had a vision and aspiration for her son. She wanted him to become an ‘Aalim and a saint. She knew that if she placed him on the path of serving Deen, she would secure his Aakhirah for him, and he would also be her investment for her Aakhirah. Thus, as soon as he could read, her concern was to place him in the company of a pious and learned ‘Aalim so that he could be moulded accordingly.

2. The hadeeth teaches us that barakah lies with our pious elders. Hence, we should take guidance from them and should also request their du‘aas. If we are able to serve them or host them, then we should regard it as our good fortune. Hence, on this happy occasion, the mother of Shaikh Nizaamuddeen (rahimahullah) ensured that she called the ‘Ulama and saints of the time, and as a result, they made special du‘aa for her son.