Alhamdulillah, at the occasion of Eidul Adha, our children get very excited about seeing the animals of qurbaani, feeding them and playing with them. This is a great quality since it keeps the spirit of qurbaani alive in our communities. However we need to take it one step further and explain to them the true significance and real lessons of qurbaani. This could be done by relating to them the incident of Sayyiduna Ebrahim and Sayyiduna Ismaeel (alaihimas salaam).

The Story of Sayyiduna Ebrahim and Sayyiduna Ismaeel (alaihimas salaam) 

Sayyiduna Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) was a great Nabi of Allah Ta’ala. He was called ‘Khaleelullah’ (The close friend of Allah Ta’ala). He really loved Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala put him through many tests, as He always tests those whom He loves, so that they may become more beloved to Him.

Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) did not have any children for many years and continued making du’aa to Allah Ta’ala to bless him with a child. At the age of 86, Allah Ta’ala blessed him with a beautiful son, Sayyiduna Ismaeel (alaihis salaam). He really loved his son dearly. Now Allah Ta’ala wanted to test him.

Allah Ta’ala ordered him to leave his wife and his baby son in the hot desert land of Arabia with no food and water. Ismaeel (alaihis salaam) began crying out of hunger and thirst. His mother Haajar (alaihas salaam) began running between the hills of Safa and Marwa searching for someone to help her and her baby son. Those who go for haj and umrah are required to run between these two hills following the example of Haajar (alaihas salaam). Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) made du’aa to Allah Ta’ala to take care of his wife and child in this barren land. Allah Ta’ala took pity on them and caused the sweet, tasty water of Zam Zam to gush out of the ground.

Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) often visited his wife and child. He loved his son very much. When Ismaeel (alaihis salaam) grew up into a handsome young boy, Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) saw in a dream that he was slaughtering his beloved son. The dreams of the Ambiyaa (alaihimus salaam) are always true, and are an indication of a command of Allah Ta’ala. Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) mentioned this dream to Ismaeel (alaihis salaam), who replied, “O my beloved father, do as you have been commanded. If Allah Ta’ala wills, you will find me to be from the patient ones.”

They both left for Mina. Shaitaan, our enemy, tried to mislead them on the way. When Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) saw him he said, “Allahu Akbar” and pelted shaytaan with seven stones. Shaitaan tried this trick another two times but each time Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) threw stones at him and chased him away. Those who go for Haj also pelt stones in Mina at three pillars which represent the shaytaan.

When they finally reached the place of slaughter, Ismaeel (alaihis salaam) was laid down facing the qiblah. Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) sharpened his knife. With all his strength he tried slaughtering his son but the knife would not cut the throat of Ismaeel (alaihis salaam). Allah Ta’ala sent a sheep from Jannah and told Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) to slaughter it in place of Ismaeel (alaihis salaam). Allah Ta’ala also told him, “O Ebrahim, you have fulfilled the command that you received in your dream. Verily in this way we reward those who do good.”

To remember this great event, we have been commanded by Allah Ta’ala to sacrifice an animal every year on the day of Eidul Adha. Being obedient to Allah Ta’ala made Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) the Khaleelullah (The true friend of Allah Ta’ala).


Now ask our children the lessons they learnt.

Thereafter mention to them the following lessons.

– We must love Allah Ta’ala more than our family and children.

– Everything has been created by Allah Ta’ala and can only work with the order of Allah Ta’ala.

– We must fulfill all the commands of Allah Ta’ala.

– If we trust Allah Ta’ala and make sincere du’aa, He will help us even if everything is against us.

– We must also pass the test of life by fulfilling all the orders of Allah Ta’ala. If Shaitaan tries to mislead us we must disobey him. In this way we can also become the friends of Allah Ta’ala and gain entry into Jannah. Insha-Allah.


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