(Mother of Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa [rahimahullah] – Part One)

Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa (rahimahullah) was a renowned saint and ‘Aalim who lived in India during the 7th century of Islam. (Tareekh-e-Da’wat wa ‘Azeemat vol. 3, pg. 52)

Allah Ta‘ala had blessed him with such acceptance that he became the means for thousands of people repenting from their sins and reforming their lives. His proverbial piety and the beautiful qualities of the sunnah which his life reflected had such a magnetic attraction that people from all walks of life were pulled towards him – until even the kings and monarchs would visit him for du‘aas and blessings.

One of the unique features in the life of Shaikh Nizaamuddeen Awliyaa (rahimahullah) is that he was orphaned at the tender age of five. Hence, it was his mother, Zulaikhaa (rahimahallah), who single-handedly attended to his upbringing and moulded him into the giant personality whose name is taken to this very day. (Tareekh-e-Da’wat wa ‘Azeemat vol. 3, pg. 53)

Zulaikhaa (rahimahallah) was blessed with such piety from her childhood that she would regularly weep out of the fear of Allah Ta‘ala and was also known to be one who’s du‘aas would be readily accepted. On account of her piety and saintly qualities, people even began referring to her as “Raabi‘ah Basriyyah”. (Misaalee Maaoo ki Misaalee Awlaade pg. 81)

Whenever she faced any need or difficulty, it was her practice that she would recite durood shareef five hundred times and thereafter beg Allah Ta‘ala for her need. When she would make du‘aa in this manner, then she would almost certainly receive what she required. (Misaalee Khawateen pg. 248)


1. The moulding of the child is the responsibility of the parents. If we wish for our children to be pious and respectable individuals, then we must accordingly instil the appropriate values in their hearts.

2. It is important for parents to lead by example. If the parents are not particular regarding their Deeni obligations such as salaah, etc. and refraining from sins such as listening to music, watching movies, intermingling of men and women etc. then how can they expect their children to grow up into pious people?

3. Du‘aa is one of the greatest weapons of a believer. Through engaging in du‘aa with conviction, one can get his needs of this world and the next fulfilled. Further, when one enjoys a close relationship with Allah Ta‘ala, then Allah Ta‘ala accepts his du‘aas swiftly.