Correspondence of Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahimahullah) with his Daughter – Letter Three

“Your distress is not something I am unconcerned or unaware of. However by merely having concern, does anything happen? In reality everything is under the control and power of Allah Ta‘ala. Continue asking Allah Ta‘ala and I am making du‘aa as well.

You had written, ‘I have no idea what to do, except to cry all the time.’ This is something very surprising. What is the benefit in you only crying except that you will make yourself ill as well? Is there anything else that can happen?

Think to yourself that is there anyone in the world who is free of grief? Some have less, some have more. We are all in grief because of our bad actions. The difference is the nature of each one’s grief.

Presently, there are hundreds of thousands whose lives are in constant danger, not knowing from where a bullet may come and hit them or when their homes will catch on fire. If it is day, then there is no certainty of seeing the night. When there are such anxieties in the world, then your distress and my distress is absolutely nothing. Think of those who are suffering more than you and be grateful to Allah Ta‘ala. Present your case in the court of Allah Ta‘ala and continue making du‘aa for forgiveness and happiness.

Do not worry yourself about (not being able to engage in excessive acts of worship during) the month of Ramadhaan in the least bit. Serving your ailing husband is more virtuous than optional acts of worship, and if due to this service, such acts are left out, then insha-Allah you will be rewarded for it. Keep in mind that in your entire life Allah Ta‘ala has kept you in such ease and comfort. If for a few days some distress has afflicted you which is absolutely nothing in comparison to the rest of the world, then to now forget all the favours of Allah Ta‘ala, whereas you still enjoy so many, will definitely amount to the height of ingratitude.”

(to be continued)