Correspondence of Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahimahullah) with his Daughter – Letter One

“Your letter has reached us. Everything you have written regarding your distress and restlessness is true and in its place, and I can well understand its weight. However when something is not within our choice, besides patience, is there anything else that we can do? Most definitely you also have the desire to meet me and the children as well; but right now the need of Moulana In‘aam gains first preference over everything else. For this, you will insha-Allah be tremendously rewarded. Being separated from each other, in this world is for a very few days. After death, what work is there to do? We will always be meeting each other. Furthermore, travelling has always been very difficult for me, and now it has become even more difficult.

You had written, ‘How will I complete the remainder of my life.’ These are words of ungratefulness. You need to be grateful to Allah Ta‘ala. In such times when people are going without food, clothes and shelter in winter, it is only the grace and kindness of Allah Ta‘ala that He has kept you in great comfort. In such times, if we are faced with any difficulty, we should never allow such words to come onto our tongues or flow from our pens or even cross our minds. Rather, we should be thanking Allah Ta’ala all the time in great abundance.

I was very pleased when you had written that now the concern of passing away is all the time in front of you. This is something very good.

If due to illness or serving the husband, you were unable to complete your wazeefah (daily recitation), then there is no trouble in this. However, this much is necessary that we continue trying and striving, keeping in mind what was done and what still remains.”

(to be continued)