The hadeeth clearly states: “The evil eye (nazar) is a reality.” (Saheeh Bukhaari #5740) Since many complain of this, especially in children, hereunder are a few simple ways of removing it:

1. The last two verses of Surah Qalam are very effective in removing nazar. They should be recited eleven times and blown on water, which the patient should drink. The water could also be sprinkled on his face and head, or used for bathing. Alternatively, the verses could be merely recited and blown on the patient.

2. The above mentioned verses could also be combined with Surah Humazah, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas three times each, preceded and followed by durood shareef three times. It could then be used in the above mentioned manner.

3. One could also recite the last two verses of Surah Qalam once and blow on a dry red chilli. The chilli will be passed from the patients head to toe seven times. Then the chilli will be burnt. It is advisable that this be repeated for few days in order for the nazar to be completely removed.

4. The recitation of Manzil is also very effective in removing nazar, sihr (black magic) and effects of jinn.

Note: Although these details are not mentioned in the hadeeth, these forms of treatment have been proven through the experience of many, and they do not contradict the hadeeth. Hence using them would be like using any other permissible treatment.