(Quraan Series – Part 3)

Fadhlul Haq, who was the minister of Bengal and Calcutta on behalf of the Muslim League, once needed to travel from Delhi to Calcutta. To make the journey, he decided to buy a first-class train ticket.

After boarding the train, he asked his attendant “Where is my Quraan Majeed? Is it aboard the train?” The attendant replied, “All the luggage has not yet been loaded into the carriage, and the box in which we packed the Quraan Majeed still needs to be loaded. I will bring it immediately.” When he heard this, Fadhlul Haq immediately said, “I have told you, on multiple occasions, to ensure that the Quraan Majeed comes into the carriage first. Unload whatever luggage has already been loaded, we will take the next train and ensure that the Quraan Majeed goes into the carriage first.” Saying this, Fadhlul Haq exited the carriage and left the train.

On seeing Fadhlul Haq exit the carriage, some Hindus who were already seated inside began to laugh in mockery and said, “How strange! He left the train because his Quraan did not come first!”

Later on as the train Fadhlul Haq had abandoned neared Calcutta, the entire first-class carriage exploded. It turned out that some Hindus who were the enemies of Fadhlul Haq, had planted a bomb under the first-class carriage in the hope of killing him. When the carriage exploded, most of the people in it were killed and the few survivors were critically injured. On learning of the fate of the first-class carriage which he had abandoned, Fadhlul Haq said, “The Hindus wish to kill me. They should bear in mind that the Quraan Majeed always remains with me and nothing can thus harm me.”

The few Hindus who survived the explosion later on wrote in an article, “When Fadhlul Haq exited the carriage, we were initially laughing. However, we now know that he was fortunate to have exited and we know that the Quraan Majeed saved him.” (Quraan ke Hayrat Angez Waaqi‘aat pg. 322)