(Sisters of Bishr Haafi [rahimahullah] – Part One)

Bishr Haafi (rahimahullah) was a renowned saint and ascetic who lived in Baghdad during the third century of Islam. Such was his exemplary asceticism and remarkable ‘ibaadah that people, to this day, seek inspiration from his amazing incidents.

Bishr Haafi (rahimahullah) was not an only child. Rather, he had three sisters who were named Mudh-ghah, Mukh-khah and Zubdah (rahimahunnallah) who were all renowned for their asceticism, worship and piety.

Zubdah would often utter the following words of wisdom: “The heaviest load which burdens a servant is that of his sins whereas the lightest load is that of repentance. Why does he not then resort to repentance to rid himself of the sins which burden him?”

(Sifatus Safwah vol. 1, pg. 577)

Insha-Allah, in the next three parts, incidents from the life of his sister Mukh-khah (rahimahallah) will be discussed.