Serenity Coastal Resort

Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the same rut, day after day? … Do you suffer from chronic back pain, aches and migraines? … Are you tired of housework and the smell of ‘wagaar’ (braising onions) and feel like you need to just have a break and a change of scenery?

If your answer is yes, then look no further!

Come to “Serenity Coastal Resort”, situated on Durban’s north coast, and enjoy an unforgettable experience! From A-Z, from a hair tie to a shower cap, our expert, friendly staff are on duty 24hrs a day to see to your every need. 

Stay in your choice of a cosy log cabin overlooking the lush, green forest or a rustic beach cottage with a stained-wood patio spilling onto the sand. Awake to the relaxing sound of crashing waves or the enchanting sound of chirping birds. Regardless of your selection, your accommodation (down to even the bathroom) houses state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the ultimate in comfort. Each unit is completely secluded and includes its own private entertainment facilities such as an indoor heated swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, trampoline, built in braai and much more!

If staying indoors isn’t for you then why not try a serene, peaceful hike through one of our many, internationally acclaimed nature trails? Why not stroll down to the beach and frolic in the waves of the Indian Ocean?

To loosen those knotted, tight muscles and soothe those aching feet, come to our spa where you will be in capable hands. If self-catering is not your scene, simply dial the concierge and have your personal butler bring the seven-course meal to you! Make use of our many golf carts to easily get from one point of the resort to the next.

To get more out of your stay, call us and book the facility of your choice (beach, etc.) so that it will be exclusively yours for the day. There really is no reason to say no. Go on, you deserve it.

The Gardens of Paradise

Are you tired of your dreams never quite materializing the way you want them to? … Are you fed up with the crime rate, social insecurity and perpetual stress of the rat race? … Are you sad at how quickly happy moments fade away into hazy memories, barely re-collectable? … Are you sick and tired of your emotions endlessly see-sawing, of being delighted one day and depressed the next?

If your answer is yes, then there really is only one place where you will be guaranteed true, eternal happiness.

Make your way to “The Gardens of Paradise” situated in the Aakhirah and enjoy the ultimate experience that will never be forgotten because it will never, ever come to an end. Lean back and relax like never before with armies of youthful servants vying with one another to serve you. Accommodation options include 60-mile-long palaces constructed from hollowed out pearls, mansions built from bricks of solid gold and silver and much more!

There’s no need to book any of the facilities as the entire garden, which is many times larger than the world, with all its facilities, is exclusively yours. Regardless of where you stay or where you may be, simply make a wish and watch as Allah Ta‘ala causes not one but two of what you wished for to instantly materialize before your eyes.

Need to loosen those knotted, tight muscles and soothe those aching feet? Once you stroll into Jannah, all worries, stress and anxiety will melt away to never again return.

Not in the mood for self-catering? No need to even call a concierge! Simply glance at the bird flying overhead and, in the blink of an eye, you’ll have “chicken tikka” in your plate which, with every bite, will only taste better and better.

There are no state-of-the-art bathrooms in Jannah as there is no need for a bathroom at all! In Jannah, even sweating is something to look forward to as the beads of your perspiration will emit the smell of the most fragrant musk.

Once in Jannah, you can say goodbye to age-defying anti-wrinkle beauty products as you will be blessed with eternal youth. The most ornate and exquisitely crafted jewellery of Dubai’s gold souk will seem a cheap trinket before the jewellery of Jannah which will outshine and dazzle even the sun.

To get from one point to the next in Jannah, climb onto your winged horse made of precious stone and fly around at your leisure.

Finally, the absolute ultimate in ecstasy and pleasure that only “The Gardens of Paradise” can offer, the chance to go on gazing at the countenance of your most beloved, Allah Ta‘ala.

Go on and book now before it is too late. Take advantage of the “2R” special offer (do what’s Right and don’t do what’s wRong) and make a choice you’ll never regret.

Trip Advisor Comparison

Serenity Coastal Resort    VS    The Gardens of Paradise

Cost: Our conclusion is that the special offer running for “The Gardens of Paradise” simply cannot be matched. “SCR” charges upward of R4000 a night – out of season – whereas “The Gardens of Paradise” only charges 2R for eternal admission. Even a week’s holiday at “SCR” bites a considerable chunk out of your bank balance and, in many cases, lands you in debt, unable to afford paying for basics such as groceries and school fees.

Facilities: Although “SCR” boasts an array of world-class facilities, it has nothing to set it apart from the host of other resorts dotting the coastlines of the world. After all, once you’ve been to one resort and swam in the pool, picnicked on the beach, played a round of golf, hiked on the trail etc., there’s only so much you’ll find different in the other resorts. At this point, all resorts become boring and lose their appeal and holidays become another routine which is carried out just for the sake of it. “The Gardens of Paradise”, on the other hand, has unlimited entertainment of a variety never before witnessed on earth!

Food: “SCR” hire only the best chefs and culinary artisans from around the globe in order to, at every meal, wow you with a seven course meal of cosmopolitan cuisine. However, even if they hired every chef in the world, they would be unable to produce a single morsel that could compare to a bite of the fruit of “The Gardens of Paradise” which increases one’s delight with every bite. Furthermore, it is not unheard of for people dining at such resorts and their restaurants to languish in misery with a bad case of food poisoning just moments after they were enthusiastically digging into their lavish meal.

Transport: “SCR” can only be accessed by a road which is ill-reputed for its abundant accidents as well as speed traps which force travellers to drive at a snail’s pace. Many women have attempted navigating this road without a mahram only to later realize their folly when they were left standing in painful high heels on the side of the road, staring in frustration at their blown tire. “The Gardens of Paradise” is the easiest to reach as the road is absolutely straight and can even be traversed from the confines of your home! In fact, if you are a woman, remaining in the comfort of your home greatly increases your chances of reaching the destination safely.

Relaxation: The spa at “SCR” does wonders at de-stressing even the most highly strung people. Once back home after your holiday, however, the stress returns with a vengeance and the relaxation enjoyed at “SCR” fades into a vague memory, easily confused for a figment of your imagination. The once-obedient children are now rebellious and spoilt and refuse to settle back into routine. “The Gardens of Paradise” is different. Crossing the threshold eternally rids you of every form of stress, worry and anxiety.

Conclusion: Our conclusion, after weighing all the pros and cons of “Serenity Coastal Resorts” and “The Gardens of Paradise”, is that “SCR” – and all resorts like it – are nothing more than that – A HUGE CON. Even if these holiday destinations seem fun-filled, they will fail to fulfil and leave you even more depressed than before. Sadly, many people flock to “SCR” type resorts and other holiday destinations and in the process, fail to pay the 2R admission fee for “The Gardens of Paradise” by leaving out or delaying their salaah, not being particular regarding the consumption of only halaal food, misusing the eyes, visiting places of vice, sin and nudity etc.

Remember, there IS NO comparison! Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Insist on “The Gardens of Paradise”!