“A Muslimah’s Guide to Living a Blissful Life” by Sayyidah Khairun Nisaa (rahimahallah) #4

– Serve your parents in an excellent and exemplary manner.

– Ensure that they are not inconvenienced at any time.

– When cooking for them, prepare the dishes that they enjoy eating and serve them their meals on time.

– When they tell you something then listen attentively and accept it wholeheartedly.

– If they are busy or engaged in some activity, then do not disturb them.

– If they have the habit of eating or drinking something at a particular time (e.g. tea or coffee), then prepare it for them and serve it to them at that time.

– Refrain from repeating the same thing to them over and over (e.g. nagging them).

– Pack their clothing away for them neatly and correctly. If they need to change their clothing (e.g. if it became messed), immediately bring them clean clothing. See to it that soap, towels, etc. are all available and ready to use.

– Keep their beds and their places (where they normally sit) clean and tidy.

– Do not ever become upset or frustrated with them.

– Remain present at their beck and call.

– If you do happen to become upset at some point, then do not glare at them (and ‘pull up’ your face). Always remember the difficulties and hardships that they underwent for your sake.

– Continue fulfilling their wishes through your homemaking skills (e.g. cooking, sewing, baking, etc).

– Never make them feel as if they are obliged and indebted to you.

– Fulfil your needs and complete your tasks on your own (without anyone helping you).

– Always keep certain basic and essential items on-hand, e.g. a notepad, pen, needle, thread, silk, etc.[1] If you have all these essential items kept in readiness, you may consider yourself as (organized and) capable, otherwise not.

[1] NB: ‘Essential items’ may differ from place to place and era to era.