An astute businessman regularly takes stock of his business and endeavours to identify the avenues through which he is earning profit and those areas due to which he is incurring losses. He then tries to eliminate all liabilities and loss incurring factors, by cutting unnecessary costs, dismissing extra staff, etc., and puts greater effort in those avenues that procured profits. He does this because he understands the purpose of his business – gaining maximum profit.

In a similar manner, Allah Ta‘ala has blessed us with an entire ‘business’ month – Ramadhaan. In this month, Allah Ta‘ala looks for every opportunity to bless us with maximum ‘profits’ to such an extent that for a single nafl act we are given the reward of a fardh action, and for a single fardh act we are rewarded for seventy faraaidh. Therefore, Ramadhaan is the month to capitalize on and earn maximum ‘profit’, as Allah Ta‘ala offers us tremendous ‘bargains’.

As the days of Ramadhaan pass, we should not become complacent, but rather adopt the mindset of a businessman – ‘take stock’ and do away with all unnecessary ‘liabilities’ (i.e. distractions) as our opportunity to gain ‘profits’ has become even less. Further, we should maximise the time which remains by carrying out those actions which will procure us the greatest ‘profits’ and rewards.

May Allah Ta‘ala allow us to appreciate every second of what remains of this blessed month, and save us from ‘incurring losses’, aameen.