Ask Our Children:

1. Who gives us everything?

2. Should we rush to do things or should we first find out from people who know?

3. If someone does not understand something, what should we do?

Now Tell Them The Story:

‘Abdullah was a simple farmer who lived in a small, small village, far, far away from the busy city. In ‘Abdullah’s village, there was no water and no electricity. So everyday, ‘Abdullah would go to the river to fetch water and go to the forest to fetch fire wood.

One day, ‘Abdullah’s friend from the city invited him to visit his home and have a meal with him! It was the first time ever that ‘Abdullah was going to leave his small village and go to the big city. ‘Abdullah was excited, but also very worried because he did not know what to expect. After a long, long journey, ‘Abdullah eventually reached the city and went to his friend’s home.

‘Abdullah’s friend was delighted to see him and made salaam to him with a huge smile. Then, before eating, he took ‘Abdullah to the bathroom to wash his hands. When they entered the bathroom, he opened the tap so that ‘Abdullah could wash his hands. When ‘Abdullah saw water flowing out of the tap, he was absolutely amazed because he had never seen a tap in his life! He never imagined that getting water could be as easy as turning a tap. When ‘Abdullah wanted water, he had to walk to the river and back.

After they washed their hands, ‘Abdullah sat on the floor in the lounge to have his meal. Next to the lounge was the kitchen, and between the two was a beautiful green curtain. The friend went to the curtain and called out, “We are ready to eat!” Suddenly, ‘Abdullah saw plates full of samoosas, pies, rice, chicken and chops, all coming out from under the curtain! Now he was even more amazed! He never imagined that getting food could be as easy as calling out to a curtain.

After the meal, it was time to return home. Before he left, ‘Abdullah’s friend surprised him saying, “‘Abdullah! What can I give you to take back home as a gift?” ‘Abdullah was excited and replied, “I would like you to please give me a tap and a green curtain!” ‘Abdullah’s friend smiled and gave him a shiny new tap and a long, green curtain.

As soon as ‘Abdullah reached home, he invited the entire village for a meal. When the visitors arrived, ‘Abdullah took the tap and turned it so that his visitors could wash their hands. He opened and closed, opened and closed, but no water came out from the tap! ‘Abdullah was surprised and could not understand why there was no water coming out of the tap!

Then, he ran to the green curtain, which he had hung on the wall, and shouted, “We are ready to eat!” However, no food came out from under the curtain! ‘Abdullah again shouted, “Samoosas! Pies! Rice! Chicken! Chops!” but nothing came out! Now ‘Abdullah was worried. How would he feed his guests? Fortunately, ‘Abdullah had an intelligent wife. When she saw what had happened, she quickly sliced different fruit, placed them on a tray and gave them to ‘Abdullah to feed the guests. After eating the fruit, the visitors left.

When all the visitors were gone, ‘Abdullah’s wife explained to him that the tap itself cannot give water. Behind the tap are hidden pipes which carry the water. She explained to him that the green curtain itself cannot give food. Behind the curtain are the kitchen and the cook. ‘Abdullah now understood and thanked his wife for helping him to understand.


1. Just as there are hidden pipes between the tap and a hidden cook behind the curtain, Allah Ta‘ala is the One who is behind everything and gives us everything, even though we cannot see Him.

2. Do not rush to do things. First find out from those who are experienced and know. Otherwise, you will face disgrace.

3. If someone does not understand something, explain it to them with patience and kindness.