(Sisters of Bishr Haafi [rahimahullah] – Part Four)

Mukh-khah (rahimahallah) had an exemplary level of taqwa. It was this taqwa and consciousness of Allah Ta‘ala that prompted her to ensure that she consumed only that which was halaal. It was also out of this concern to earn and consume only halaal that she sometimes went to Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal (rahimahullah) and sought his guidance.

Mukh-khah (rahimahallah) once came to Imaam Ahmad (rahimahullah) and asked, “O Abu ‘Abdillah! I am a woman who spins cotton by the light of the lamp at night. It sometimes so happens that the lamp is extinguished and I thus continue spinning by the moonlight. Is it necessary for me to inform my customers regarding which yarn was spun by the light of the lamp and which yarn was spun by moonlight?” Imaam Ahmad (rahimahullah) replied, “If there is a discernible difference, you will have to inform your customers.”  (Sifatus Safwah vol. 1, pg. 577)


1. When a person has the consciousness of Allah Ta‘ala, he will be concerned about the ‘small’ things as well, since his sight is not on the smallness of the offence, rather on the greatness of the Being Who’s law is being broken.

2. Wealth which is earned in a dishonest manner is not only void of barakah (the divine blessing of Allah Ta‘ala) but will also have to be paid for on the Day of Qiyaamah. When this ill-gotten wealth is void of barakah, even those things which are purchased through it will be tainted.

3. Although we may not be the breadwinners of our family, we need to encourage those responsible for putting bread on the table to ensure that they earn in a manner which will secure the happiness of Allah Ta‘ala and draw His barakah.

The effect of eating tainted food is so detrimental that even if you are unaware of it being tainted, you will still be adversely affected by consuming it. Among the evil effects of such food is that the inclination to obey Allah Ta‘ala dies down and is replaced by the temptation and urge to sin. The pious understand the importance of barakah and thus exercise extreme caution with regards to avoiding haraam.