With the blessed month of Ramadhaan drawing to an end, people’s eyes turn to the skies, seeking the hilaal (new moon) of Shawwaal. As soon as the moon is sighted, a unique sense of excitement permeates the environment as one and all welcome the arrival of ‘Eid.

Those who sat in i’tikaaf will return home to their beloved families, eagerly embracing them after the period of separation. In homes across the globe, families will take out their special ‘Eid clothing in anticipation of the next day. Mothers will be busy in the kitchen, preparing scrumptious meals and treats to enjoy.

While all the scenes depicted above are common, and form some of the cherished memories of ‘Eid that people will fondly remember throughout their lives, we should not forget the MAIN ASPECT of ‘Eid.

The entire month of Ramadhaan was spent in the effort to connect to our beloved Allah Ta‘ala. From fasting in the day to performing Taraaweeh Salaah at night, to the rebellious shayaateen being chained and restrained, everything was made conducive to us reforming our lives, acquiring the special proximity and love of Allah Ta‘ala and discovering the unique, unparalleled sweetness of ‘ibaadah and obeying Allah Ta‘ala.

When ‘Eid is the culmination of the entire month’s efforts – the night of the prize giving – then we should never become negligent of Allah Ta‘ala on this night. Allah Ta‘ala forbid – it should not be that with the arrival of ‘Eid, we abandon our abayas and strip off our scarves, switch on the TV and plunge headlong into our old sins, like prisoners released from jail cells. Rather, after Ramadhaan, we should have a greater sense of commitment to Deen and a greater awareness of Allah Ta‘ala. Let alone our fardh salaah – we should have formed the habit of at least performing some nafl salaah as well!

Hence, when the night of ‘Eid arrives, and many people become negligent of Allah Ta‘ala, either returning to their sins or becoming immersed in their luxuries, pleasures and distractions, then those who remember Him and worship Him at this time are indeed His true lovers and devotees.

For this special class of faithful servants, Allah Ta‘ala has promised a magnificent virtue. Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said, “The one who stands up in ‘ibaadah on the two nights of ‘Eid with the hope of attaining reward, his heart will not die on the day the hearts will die.” (Sunan Ibni Maajah #1782)

The ‘death of the hearts’ refers to the spiritual death of the hearts. In other words, when the day dawns when people’s hearts will begin to die on account of their excessive sinning, then these special servants of Allah Ta‘ala will be saved. (Haashiyatus Sindhi ‘ala Sunan Ibni Maajah)

May Allah Ta‘ala bless us to be among His special servants who remember Him at all times, and may He bless us with the ability to stand in His worship on the nights of ‘Eid, aameen.