Muslim bin Yasaar (rahimahullah) was an eminent Taabi‘ee and the ustaaz of great scholars, the likes of Muhammad bin Seereen, Qataadah, Ayyoob Sakhtiyaani and Thaabit Bunaani (rahimahumullah).

The salaah of Muslim bin Yasaar (rahimahullah) was proverbial. Hence, ‘Alaa bin Ziyaad (rahimahullah) once mentioned, “If I had to wish for anything, I would wish for the fiqh (Deeni understanding) of Hasan Basri (rahimahullah), the piety of Muhammad bin Seereen (rahimahullah), the accurate opinion of Mutarrif (rahimahullah) and the salaah of Muslim bin Yasaar (rahimahullah).

Below are a few glimpses of the salaah of Muslim bin Yasaar (rahimahullah):

‘Abdullah, the son of Muslim bin Yasaar (rahimahullah), once mentioned, “When my father performed salaah, he was like a (motionless) pillar. He would neither move in this direction nor in that direction.”

Muslim bin Yasaar (rahimahullah) would mention to his household before commencing salaah, “You may speak, as I do not hear anything that you say (when I am in salaah).”

Muslim bin Yasaar (rahimahullah) was once performing salaah in his home when a fire broke out beside him. Despite this, he did not break his salaah, but calmly continued, only completing his salaah after it was extinguished. When he thereafter noticed what had happened, he remarked, “I was unaware that a fire had broken out.”

On one occasion, Muslim bin Yasaar (rahimahullah) was performing salaah in the masjid when a wall of the masjid collapsed. Such was his engrossment in his salaah that he did not even realize that the wall had collapsed.

(Hilyatul Awliyaa vol. 2, pgs. 329-330, and Siyaru Aa’laamin Nubalaa vol. 4, pgs. 510-512)


1. When a person is in love, he eagerly awaits any opportunity to communicate with his beloved. Even after the communication is concluded, he cherishes the words and sentiments that were expressed. Such is his absorption in this communication that he remains oblivious to all else, and he derives such rapture and bliss from this communication that he does not want it to end. This is how the true lovers of Allah Ta‘ala view salaah. Their love for Allah Ta‘ala is such that they treasure every moment spent in salaah and never tire of performing salaah. Their engrossment in salaah is such that at times they are even oblivious and unaware of all else.

2. After imaan, salaah is the most important command in Islam. Hence, if a fundamental obligation such as salaah is not in order, it is not possible for a person to become the special friend of Allah Ta‘ala.